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Ear-licking handjob, double titfuck, nipple-licking, tongue kissing with your little sisters that love, love, LOVE you so much while they squabble for your cock and moan vulgarly, fucking you raw with their pussies and assholes!! [DLsite.com]
[ENG Sub] Trapped Between Two Sisters with Max Affection Points!! ~Super Lovey-Dovey Cock Service~ By Translators Unite

Price:440 JPY (As of 2024/07/19)

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Jul/04/2024 0
Voice Actor:ありのりあ
Product format:Voice / ASMR 
File format:WAV 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Binaural / ASMR / Younger Sister / Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love / Hand Job / Breast Sex / Submissive Man / Ear Licking 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

Your Loving Sisters Give You an Ear-Licking Handjob, Double Titfuck, Nipple-Teasing, Tongue-Kisses, Raw Vaginal Sex, and Anal Sex with Vulgar Moans!


~How long has it been since all three of us slept together like this?~

You haven't seen them recently, so you decided to sleep together with them.
But your sisters have grown into such sexy women...!
Unable to hold back their love for you, your sisters begin to act more and more daring...!

Ear-licking handjob, double titfuck, nipple-licking, tongue kissing with your little sisters that love, love, LOVE you so much while they squabble for your cock and moan vulgarly, fucking you raw with their pussies and assholes!!
While you have sex with one of them, the other licks your ears and teases your nipples...
It's impossible for you to escape from your naughty little sisters' two-pronged assault!



Calls you Nii-sama.
Calm & quiet older sister.
Mostly submissive, but can go on the offensive.
A naughty virgin.
Loves you and so would devote herself to you.


Calls you Onii.
Cheeky little sister.
Mostly a cheerful dom.
A virgin and has a very sensitive pussy.
Calls your dick weak but her pussy is even weaker.
Loves you and so would tease you.

Main draw of the voice track:
- Lovey-dovey assault on both of your ears from your loving sisters
- Double-teaming from sisters that have contrasting personalities
- Squabbling between both sisters over your one and only dick~[Track List]
Track 1 (10:22)
Ear-Licking Handjob from Two Sisters

They noticed your boner, and now they're going to tease your cock!

I guess this is a bit too stimulating for my virgin Onii~
Are you feeling rather naughty right now, Nii-sama...? I'm so happy that you'd feel that way towards us...

As your little sisters get horny, they begin licking your ears, exposing your cock, jerking it off, and make you cum~

Just be honest and admit it already~ "It feels great to have my little sister rub my dick over my pants~", right?
Nii-sama's dick... It's so hot, and hard... It's getting so big... Does it feel good, Nii-sama? I'll stroke it a little bit faster now, okay...?
Your dick's the same, but your ears are also really weak~ Every time I put my tongue in, your whole body starts twiching~
Please, let it all out, Nii-sama... Feel good and spurt it all out inside our hands...!
Track 2 (14:52)
Playing with Boobs into Double Titfuck Blowjob from Two Sisters

Tease your little sisters' nipples as they beg you for it!

Ah... Nii-sama's fingers are rubbing my nipples... I'm so sensitive there... It feels so good when you knead my boobs and rub my nipples...
Hey, stop focusing so much on her! Your hands aren't moving, you know~? Come on, grope my boobs~! Rub my nipples, too~!

Give Yurina's nipples a good licking while Serika gives you tongue-kisses~
And then comes the double titfuck & blowjob...

Oh, right! Let's try covering his cock and our boobs with our spit! I bet it'll feel even better if it's all slimy and wet~
I'm already happy with just having Nii-sama's dick between my boobs, but I even get to feel good from my nipples now... I'm in heaven...!
Track 3 (9:13)
Raw Vaginal Squirting Sex with Serika Plus Ear-Licking and Nipple-Teasing from Yurina

Raw pussy sex with the cheeky Serika!

Come on, look at this wet, warm virgin pussy that you've been leaving alone for all this time~ Won't you put it in? Your cock, slowly right into this hole~
Now, put that precum-covered virgin cock right into my virgin pussy, okay...?

And all the while, Yurina licks your ears like a dog and teases your nipples from behind!

You're swinging your hips even without me licking your ears, Nii-sama~ Here, I'll tease both of your nipples, too...

And Serika's weak pussy squirts repeatedly from your hip-swinging!!

Goodness, Seri-chan... What happened to all your swagger just now? He only put it in, you know...?
Aaah!! Again! I'm cumming again, you're making cum again!! Wait, pleaseeeee!!
Track 4 (9:37)
Vulgar Moaning Anal Sex with Yurina Plus Ear-Licking, Nipple-Teasing and Sloppy Tongue-Kisses from Serika

Penetrate the quiet but slutty Yurina with your whole cock in one go!!

You're pulling out my butthole...! You're churning up my insides!!
Nooo...! Don't get your cock any bigger...! You're destroying my asshole...!!

Thrust into her asshole like an animal while she moans vulgarly like a beast!
Serika will lick your ears and tease your nipples all the while, of course~

You're brutal, Onii~ You're grabbing her by the hips and treating her like a sex toy. Both of you are drooling and moaning so dirtily, it's like you're just a pair of animals.
My pussy's still a virgin, but I'm feeling so good from anal sex...! I'm sorry, Nii-sama, I'm sorry for being such a slutty little sisterrr...

Finish with a huge anal creampie while your tongue wrestles with Serika's!

Sure feels good to swing your hips while you tongue-kiss your little sister, huh~ Are you going to cum too, Onii? Go on, mark Yurina as much as you want~ Fuck her asshole like a beast and mark her with your stinky semen~
Do it, please...!! Do it in the deepest part of my slutty asshole pussy, spurt out your thick, rich cock milk and mark me with it, please...! Cum, cum, cum, cummmmmm!!

Total duration: 44 minutes 14 seconds

WAV (With / without SE)
MP3 (With / without SE)

Illustration: Yuusenmai
Voice, planning, script, production: Ria Arino

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