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The club members take advantage of her as a sexual outlet.... An animation in full 3DCG! [DLsite.com]


[ENG Sub] [3DCG Animation] Our Convenient Sex Manager By myurumake

Price:1,782 JPY (As of 2024/06/24)

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Circle Name:myurumake  Works
Release date:Mar/24/2023 0
Voice Actor:藤村莉央
Product format:Video / Voice 
File format:AVI 
Miscellaneous:DLsite Official Translation 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Anime / 3D Works / Orgy Sex / Coercion / Compulsion / Urination / Peeing / Anal / Forced Oral / Irrumatio / Pubic Hair / Armpit Hair 
File size: 1.87GB  

Summary [By dlsite.com)

*This product has overlapping content with [3DCG Animation] Our Convenient Sex Manager (RJ422284).
*This product features Japanese audio with English subtitles.Enjoy moving 3D models that look like illustrations, with realistic physics and minimal mosaics.
The 3D animation incorporates the many strengths of 3DCG.
Not only her breasts, but also her belly and ass softly sway with her body.
Her genitalia are realistic and graphic, down to every single pubic hair and the creases of her butthole.
Enjoy unprecedented levels of 3D animation quality. Please check out the sample video!


A baseball team that takes advantage of their manager
to satisfy their sexual cravings.

She tries to resist but is helpless against their strength
and has no choice but to give in to their desires.
She begs them to wear a condom, but they still penetrate her raw.
In the men’s restroom, they force her to strip and pee standing up.
They grab her by the head and force their cocks to the back of her throat.
Everything they want is to the extreme...

■Sexual contents

- Missionary
- Doggy style
- Titty fuck
- Hand job
- Creampie
- Facial
- Urination
- Fellatio
- Irrumatio
- Threesome
- Anal
- Double penetration
- Cross-section view
...and more!



- Main video: approx. 21 min.
- Main video (no subtitles): approx. 21 min.
- 8 bonus clips (videos of each scene)

- Voice Actor: Rio Fujimura
- Full HD resolution (1920x1080)
- 24fps
- File format: MP4(Text: English / Voice: Japanese)

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[ENG Sub] [3DCG Animation] Our Convenient Sex Manager


[ENG Sub] [3DCG Animation] Our Convenient Sex Manager


[ENG Sub] [3DCG Animation] Our Convenient Sex Manager


[ENG Sub] [3DCG Animation] Our Convenient Sex Manager


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