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異次元の少ロリ化対策、始まる―! /ロリオホ声/耳舐め/金玉揉み/淫語/射精おねだり/おちんちんマッサージ/手コキ射精/チン嗅ぎ/チンカスお掃除/精液奪い合い/オナニー実況/耳元オホ/おまんこ開発/手マン/初イキ/ぐっぽり耳舐め/本気騎乗位 [DLsite.com]
【韓国語版】【耳舐めロリロリASMR】ロリ舐めWリフレ~お◯んこハメ比べ甘々ハーレム~【オホヤベ式耳舐建築法】CV:兎月りりむ。 By Translators Unite

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Sep/03/2023 0
Voice Actor:兎月りりむ。
Product format:Voice / ASMR 
File format:WAV 
Supported languages:Korean 
Genre:Binaural / ASMR / Loli / Pure Love / Ear Licking / Whispering / Vulgar Moans / Virgin Female 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

Track 00 - Prologue (2:16)

You've been selected to represent your country in the "Next Dimension Loli Countermeasure Program".
You must provide sex education to the two girls selected as your partners in the Support Room.

There's a desperate need in Japan for girls to learn the proper techniques to seduce a man.
It's up to you to use your body and teach these two all about the ins and outs of male pleasure and the male form.

During the course of their lessons, Airi and Yui have learned practical ear-licking skills and sat through lectures all about "Sexy Service", among other things.

But this is the first time they've ever seen a dick up close, so please be gentle as you teach them, okay?

----------------------------------------------------------------[Character Introduction]
A girl with boundless energy.
She's kind of a scatterbrain and not the best at studying.
She and Yui are pretty close and are always together.
She absolutely loves masturbating. A little self-conscious about her lack of boobs.
Contrary to her looks, she's capable of the filthiest moans and has a slutty pussy.

A composed and languid girl.
She's very good at studying and seems to have it all together.
She and Airi are pretty close and are always together.
She hasn't got much experience yet, but her prodigal pussy is super sensitive, and she moans like an animal.

* Ohoyabe Construction's first "Ear Licking" centric work - The Otoyabe Way
Sorry to have kept you waiting, Lilim Uzuki ear-licking fans!
We're finally able to present this specialized "Ear Licking" audio!
This ear-licking ASMR is guaranteed to get you off AND give you goosebumps. That's the Otoyabe Construction Way.
Raw ear-licking loli sounds delivered straight to your dome.

* Cute lolis fighting over my dick is the best!
....if that thought has ever crossed your mind, you're in for a good time!
In their desperate bid for your dick, these cuties will escalate and escalate... their services getting dirtier every time.
But don't worry, your loli harem will get along swimmingly in the end.

* You'll get addicted to Airi and Yui's moans
"Just the sound of a loli moaning like a whore is enough to get you hard, but what if there were two of them with different styles...? A wide enough gap in their personalities is sure to fill your balls to bursting!"
....is our latest grand discovery, so we decided to implement that in this work!
We hope you enjoy this format!

* This is, of course, a very sexy audio work. There are plenty of slutty situations with a strong focus on ear licking. You have been warned!Track 01 - First Ear Licking & Hand Job Service (12:41)
(ear licking / ball fondling / dirty talk / sperm begging / dick massage / handjob / lovey-dovey arm pillow)
Ejaculation timing: (9:47)

Track 02 - Morning Wood Blowjob Service Scramble (15:34)
(dick sniffing / dick cleaning / ear licking / semen scramble)
Ejaculation timing: (12:31)

Track 03 - Airi's Up-close Masturbation & Yui's First Fingering Orgasm (15:05)
(ear licking / masturbation / vulgar moans / dirty talk / fingering / first orgasm)
Ejaculation timing: (12:29)

Track 04 - Airi's Confession followed by Ear Licking & Cherry Popping Sex (16:12)
(ear licking / cowgirl / tongue kissing / lovey-dovey creampie)
Ejaculation timing: (14:24)

Track 05 - Yui's Confession followed by Ear Licking & Cherry Popping Sex (14:37)
(ear licking / missionary / cowgirl / creampie)
Ejaculation timing: (12:41)

Track 06 - Cat Cosplay Pussy Comparison Seeding Sex (9:37)
(begging / fingering & raw sex at the same time / vulgar moans / tongue kissing / spanking / lovey-dovey harem)
Ejaculation timing: (3:21) and (8:18)This might be a little sudden, but what does "Vulgar Moans" mean to you?
For us here at Ohoyabe Construction, it means "That moaning voice that you can't hold in when something feels too good."
It's not just a sound that someone is making to set the scene, but something unstoppable in the face of extreme pleasure.
Hence the beastly noises.
That's what vulgar moans are.
At Ohoyabe Construction, we aim to show you their charm.
I'm sure that, one day, my moans will make someone's fetish deeper

Lilim. Uzuki
Representative for Ohoyabe Construction

Recorded at Studio Uzulim using a KU-100 dummy head microphone.
Includes versions with and without sound effects.
- WAV / 48khz / 24bit
- FLAC / 48khz / 24bit
- MP3 / 320kbps

* Made and refined by the voice actress' preferences
Recorded entirely at Lilim. Uzuki's personal studio, "Studio Uzulim".
And that's not all! It's packed full of sound effects painstakingly recorded by Lilim herself!
A highly immersive experience.

Not only was this recorded on the world's finest binaural microphone, the KU-100, but we also paired it with high-end equipment to bring out its very best sound just for you.
Additional upgrades make this a very "Uzuki" listening experience.
If you close your eyes, the immersion is sure to deepen.

Voice Acting: Lilim. Uzuki

Main Illustration: MasoSketcher

Scenario: Wakarase Ojisan Shibou

SFX Accreditation:
okojo suisei


Sound effects provided by OtoLogic (CC BY 4.0)

Ohoyabe Construction SFX Department: Lilim. Uzuki

Audio Editing & Package Design
Ohoyabe Construction R&D Department: Lilim. Uzuki

FAQ for this works and circle.
We will answer as much as possible to the question to this works. I'm bad at English, but if that's okay push on button above and send your request.

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