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A story of donkeys from another world inseminating a sports girl. [DLsite.com]
Donkeys from another world【Ver1.2】 By Dirty Beast Studio

Price:1,100 JPY (As of 2024/07/11)

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Circle Name:Dirty Beast Studio  Works
Release date:Sep/07/2023 0
Product format:Adventure / Voice / Music 
File format:Application 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Cross-section View / Loli / PE Uniform / Animal / Pet / Orgy Sex / Coercion / Compulsion / Rape / Bestiality 
File size: 709.78MB  

Summary [By dlsite.com)

・We will publish the works in progress and start selling them at low prices.
・We are considering raising the price in the future when we update the version by adding illustrations, etc.
- Some options are under construction, but will be added in a version update.
・The next version update etc. is available on the following website (Injuu Kobo)

Details and precautions are also listed on the ci-en website (Injuu Kobo), so please take a look there as well.
[H with girls wearing sports uniform]
A story about taking away a female caught in a school and raping it earnestly

The crotches of the girls' shorts are torn and penises are inserted through the gap.[Many differences included]
Contains many H differences and cross-sectional views of the uterus.[Crocodile End]
A vicious crocodile (Gustave) appears in front of the donkeys who are overly enthusiastic
And the worst ending in donkey history[H scene selection]
An erotic short story will unfold for each choice.
More options will be added in the future

FAQ for this works and circle.
We will answer as much as possible to the question to this works. I'm bad at English, but if that's okay push on button above and send your request.

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Donkeys from another world【Ver1.2】


Donkeys from another world【Ver1.2】


Donkeys from another world【Ver1.2】


Donkeys from another world【Ver1.2】


Donkeys from another world【Ver1.2】


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