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Sound Effects for Erotic and Eroge Content || エロ・エロゲ効果音 [DLsite.com]
Lewd K's Inflation and Vore Sound Pack By Lewd K Sound

Price:15,840 JPY (As of 2024/07/19)

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Circle Name:Lewd K Sound  Works
Release date:Jul/04/2024 0
Author:Lewd K
Product format:Music Materials / Music 
File format:WAV 
Supported languages:English 
File size: 1.53GB  

Summary [By dlsite.com)


没入感がすごい!膨張フェチ・丸呑みフェチのエロゲ・動画・ゲーム向けのサウンドパックをLewd K.より提供いたします。



すべてのサウンドは高品質の 96/24 WAV、320kbps MP3、OGG 形式で利用できます。




Are you in the need of something more immersive and intense than your free internet stomach growl and bubble sounds?

Introducing "Inflation and Vore" — A new sound effects pack from Lewd K. Immerse yourself with high quality, 100% original sound effects exclusively for those who enjoy stomach growls, physical growth, wet belches and gulps, intense interior liquids, and more! Whether you're a lewd sound designer, eroge developer, naughty video editor, or simply craving new sensations, I&V delivers an unmatched array of sounds to ignite your desires. From swells of fleshy expanding objects to guttural sounds of filling a body to its last drop. Each sound is meticulously designed to transport you to the edge of ecstasy.


Inflation and Vore includes the following:

-- A massive 819 sound effects including stomach growls and bubbling, interior stomach POVs, gloppy oral fill ups, intense liquid emissions, sloshy stomach movement, inflations, swallows, gulps, and much more!

-- Easy to navigate folders and file names intended for seamless game engine and video editor import

-- A variety of high quality formats to choose from including 96/24 WAV, 320kbps MP3, and 320kbps OGG



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Lewd K's Inflation and Vore Sound Pack


Lewd K's Inflation and Vore Sound Pack


Lewd K's Inflation and Vore Sound Pack


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