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Let's awaken the submissive desires of a bunny who pretends to be dominant! [DLsite.com]


[ENG Sub] Lustful Bunny's Submissive Awakening! Continuous Orgasms & Complete Submission By Translators Unite

Price:110 JPY (As of 2024/07/20)

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Jul/05/2024 0
Voice Actor:琴音有波
Product format:Voice / ASMR 
File format:WAV 
Supported languages:English 
Genre:Successive Orgasms / Binaural / Cosplay / Bunny Girl / Internal Cumshot / Ear Licking / メス堕ち / Voluptuous / Plump 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

Character: Alice

A bunny girl working as a casino dealer. She entices male customers who have run out of money into high-stakes bets, and upon their loss, discreetly makes them pay with their bodies.

Height: 166 cm
B94 / W60 / H86
H Cup

After suffering a devastating loss at the casino, Alice, the bunny girl dealer, takes pity on you and entices you into a high-stakes bet. Despite the chance for a turnabout, you lose once again, finding yourself not only penniless but also in debt. Unable to repay the debt, you are commanded to settle it with your body, leading to a series of lewd encounters with Alice...

[Track List]
* 01. High-Stakes Showdown with the Bunny Girl [03:05]
After losing all your money at the casino, Alice, the bunny girl, discreetly proposes a secret high-stakes bet. Though it was a golden opportunity for a turnaround, you suffer a spectacular defeat.
"If you win, you'll get back everything you lost today..."

* 02. Handjob Domination by the Bunny Girl [11:58]
(Whispering, Ear Licking, Lotion Handjob, Nipple Licking & Egg Vibrator Teasing)
Taken to a private room, you are forced to repay your debt with your body. Alice, with practiced skill, begins to stimulate you with a handjob, teasing your nipples with her hands and an egg vibrator, driving you to writhe in pleasure.
"Ohh~~ What a lovely face~ The expression of someone writhing in pleasure is my absolute favorite~ Show me more~"

* 03. Milking Cowgirl and Reverse Thrusting Cowgirl [10:50]
(External Ejaculation Cowgirl, Internal Ejaculation Cowgirl)
You manage to endure the handjob. However, Alice shows no mercy, pushing you down and inserting herself in the cowgirl position. Although you both reach climax together, when you initiate a second round, Alice begins to lose her composure...
"I've never... experienced a cock like this! It's so good...! I've never felt anything like this before...!"

* 04. Submissive Awakening: Doggy Style Submission [08:44]
(Internal Ejaculation Doggy Style)
After being thoroughly pleasured in the thrusting cowgirl position, Alice tries to escape, crawling on the floor. You firmly hold her hips and penetrate her from behind.
"I'll forgive all your debt! So please... have mercy...!"

* 05. Total Sexual Domination [15:19]
(BJ, Titjob, Internal Ejaculation Doggy Style)
A few days later, you visit the casino again. Now completely enthralled, Alice guides you to a private room and begs for sex.
"Only your cum inside me can satisfy me... it seems I can't get enough anymore~"

Total playback time: Approximately 49 minutes 56 seconds

- Voice Acting: Aruha Kotone
- Scenario: Tsuzuru
- Illustration: Skoll

- Produced by: Tokyo Recording Hall ( )
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