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催○アプリで百合えっち! [DLsite.com]
【簡体中文版】みんなでえっちな百合活アプリ ~ええ!?この中にかかってない娘がいる!?~ By Translators Unite

Price:880 JPY (As of 2024/07/11)

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Jul/11/2024 0
Product format:Manga 
File format:JPEG / PDF file 
Supported languages:Chinese Simplified 
Genre:Breasts / Gal / Yuri / Girls Love / Lesbian / Orgy Sex / Trance / Suggestion / Cunnilingus / Squirting / Gushing 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

Umeka, Marina, Mei, and Mizuha have been friends since they were very small. In their younger days, they all used to "play naked" together, but recently, they've drifted apart.
Umeka downloaded a hypn*sis app for her phone, hoping to "play naked" together, just like old times.
After an all-you-can-eat pussy buffet, sometime later Umeka learns that the app she's been using can only hypnotize two people at once...

Is one of them pretending to be hypnotized?
What's her goal?
More importantly, who is it?!

41 main pages, 44 pages totalMain character: Umeka

A loner.
In order to "play naked" with her formerly close childhood friends, she downloads a hypn*sis app.Gal: Marina

One of Umeka's childhood friends.
They used to be very close, but now she hates Umeka.
Honor student: Mizuha

One of Umeka's childhood friends.
They used to be very close, but now she avoids Umeka.Entertainer: Mei

One of Umeka's childhood friends.
They are still close, but because of her work, Mei and Umeka aren't able to see each other often.

FAQ for this works and circle.
We will answer as much as possible to the question to this works. I'm bad at English, but if that's okay push on button above and send your request.

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