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全編バイノーラル。慣れない手つきで純情JKが精一杯のあまあま奉仕♪親密になるにつれて、癒しの施術はえっちにエスカレートしていきます。耳かき・両耳舐め・甘やかしの極上フルコースをご堪能ください♪CV:一之瀬りと [DLsite.com]
【簡体中文版】JKリフレ♪ とろイキあまあまフルコース ~甘やかし・耳舐め・濃密エッチ~ By Translators Unite

Price:99 JPY (As of 2024/07/19)

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Circle Name:Translators Unite  Works
Release date:Jul/04/2024 0
Author:源 眞一郎
Voice Actor:一之瀬りと
Product format:Voice / ASMR 
File format:WAV 
Supported languages:Chinese Simplified 
Genre:ASMR / Ear Cleaning / Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love / Prostitution / Paid Dating / Internal Cumshot / Blowjob / Fellatio / Ear Licking / Big Breasts 

Summary [By dlsite.com)

Full length binaural recording

JK Refresh: Sweet Full Course~Coddling, Ear Licking, Richness Ecchi

I want to heal my exhausted mind and body...

No, I want to be healed!

Everyone wants to be healed by a kind, cute, loving and high school girl.

There is a relaxation spa where all of these things can be achieved!

When you happen to visit such a shop "Love Esthetic", you will be

You' ll meet Rio, who has just entered the shop for the first time.

You fell in love with Rio-chan at first sight, who looked very nervous.

You go to the shop every week...
Every time you visit the shop, Rio-chan opens up to you a little at a time...

Let's be healed by the sweet and naughty treatment that makes your mind and body go wild!

A binaural audio work.

At a love beauty salon, you meet a high school girl named Rio, who heals you with her kindness and cuteness, plus a little lewdness.

Contains: Ear cleaning, ear licking, deep kissing, fellatio, breast fucking, hand job, nipple play, internal cumshot

8 tracks
Total playback time: 1 hour 31 minutes 39 seconds
WAV (48kHz/24bit) / MP3 (320kbps) format
Tracks 1-7 contain SFX on/off variations.

CV: Rito Ichinose
Illustration: calyn
Scenario: Vishil

Youtube: ■01.
Nice to meet you. My name is Rio

【[ear cleaning, breathing on the ear, ear massage, exhaling】 (19:24).

~This is the first time you'll be able to get a massage from Rio-chan in her JK uniform.

Rio looked very nervous. That's a given. It's her first day in a trial shop, and you're her first customer!

She will care for your ears with unfamiliar hands and hard work. She gently exhales into my ear. Please enjoy the thawing ear massage.

“Then, let's see, what should we do first?

I'll just clean your ears?

All right, then. I'll give it a shot.

Let's see...then put your head on my thighs.

Up my skirt, with your cheek…”

I'm so embarrassed., but... I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

【Close contact lotion wash, ear lick, first kiss】(12:10)

The second time in a row, the micro bikini treatment course

Your first kiss with Rio who was excited by the contact massage

If you fall in love with Rio-chan at first sight, you will nominate her on your second visit!

After a full body lotion massage by her

Rio-chan licks your ears, tangling them slowly.

It's the first time I've ever been this erotic.

【Ear Licking, Deep Kissing and Hand Job 】(9:34)

~You can challenge even more erotic options by asking Rio-chan, whose density has increased, to do it for you.

Rio is very interested in the first masturbator she sees for the first time.
She dares to challenge her first hand job!

How do you like it? Does it feel good?
It's my first time using it and I'm not sure if it fits like this or not.
Oh...thank goodness.
You're properly motivated, aren't you?

Not satisfied with just a masturbator, you asked her to give you some more ear licks...

Let's take a full dive into the superlative world of pleasure with the collaboration of the JK ear licking and hand job!

"If I continue to lick your ear like I did earlier...
Hmmm, I'm sure you'll be very horny.
Ah...it's good to be blamed for your ears after all, isn't it?
I'm going to make you feel better, more and more!”

I guess you got more and more excited because my chest is so horny... 【Lotion breast massage, fellatio, sperm drinking】(15:20)

~You've been to the store three times.

Rio-chan will make you feel good with her tits and mouth~.

You're so enamored with Rio-chan that you finally make reservations for all of her work days.

”I'm not used to working at all.

I go to work once a week, maybe once or twice a week...


Since you're all booked up for the day I go to work...

I've hardly ever worked with any other customers.

But I'll do my best to make you happy today, too.”

With this new option, Rio-chan will use her tits and mouth to make you feel good.

Sandwiched between soft but taut JK tits
As you wrapped yourself in her mouth and soft tongue, you felt good in her saliva-filled mouth...

”I know it's a bit silly, but to have you excited with my body...!
Ha, yuck...I'm kind of happy!
More and more, please get excited. Please be horny!”

Sweet Full Course 【 Ear Licking, Breast Lotion, Nipple Licking, Pampering and Hand Job】 (15:01)

~Finally, the density reaches its maximum! A sweet treatment that gets you to your brain

Rio-chan became friends with you until she called you "Oni-san"(Meaning: Big Brother.)
She finally allowed me to use all the options.

“I'm going to make you feel good about yourself a lot today.”

Let's start with a loving ear lick...
A high school girl's silky tongue cupping your ear...

''Your ears are very sensitive, aren't they?
Because when I sweet-chew your earlobe or lick it with my tongue, you'll respond right away.

You and she are drenched in lotion and you are sucking on each other's nipples.

"O, Oni-san...

Don't lick the tips of my nipples...!”

At the end of the full course, you will fall asleep as you are pampered and enveloped by the schoolgirl.

”You're always doing a lot of work.
Thank you for your hard work.
Today, just for now, please forget all the hard things and pamper me as much as you can.”

Will you give me my virginity...?【 Ear licking, live sex, intercourse】(15:00)

~Rio, who fell in love with you. Deciding on the forbidden backdoor option~.

”Actually, there's a back option.
It's a service that allows you to have sex with the girl you selected.
If you, let's see... if you want, why don't we change to that service today?”

You pushed down Rio-chan when your love for her reached its limit...

I've been pushed down...
But I didn't feel like I was being too rough.
You're a kind person, aren't you?
It's okay. I want you to like me.

You and Rio-chan seek each other out like lovers.

"I'm going to be filled with you, I know...
Awesome, is. What the...?
I'm warm, I'm horny, I'm happy, I'm in a happy mood…


~Rio-chan will tell you what's important only to you~.

A message from voice actress Rito Ichinose!
Special thanks to Ci-en Premium Plan users for reading out their names.

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